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Please provide support to your tool...
Hi Chris,

I am having trouble from last few weeks I am continiously asking help from you on skype but you didn't reply or sometime you come and just say random words and go.

Please provide a proper support to your tools as its a complicated one and the main thing you haven't even created a detailed documentation or tutorial videos on how to do things as this things needs actual commands to be run .

For example i asked you that interphire is showing 500 error and you said please check the error log file but the funny part is on both folders you said the error file will be there is no any error log. I found one after many folders search and that file says "contact" what is this?

Also, when ever i asked you for support you are online on skype but you didn't reply. This is not a professional way to do business. I know because i spend over 10-15 hours everyday on skype just to provide support to my clients atleast you should come 1-2 hours perday to provide support for your tool.
I bought this tool yesterday and the installer is full of bugs and interspire flat out doesn't install properly.

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